Time sheets, wages and tax

On this page you can find information on matters such as time sheets and other wage-related information.

Log on to register your hours
You register your hours electronically by logging onto our time sheet module via this link: https://timereg.manpower.no.

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Time sheet
Your time sheet is the basis for your salary and our invoice to the client. It is therefore very important that you register your hours accurately according to the assignment confirmation and agreement with the client.

Bank account number
The first time you submit your time sheet, you must register your account number in separate field on the time sheet. If you wish to change the account number, you must enter this on the next time sheet.

Personal identification number/D-number
Manpower is unable to pay wages without your personal identification number or D-number.

Deadlines for submitting time sheets
In order for you to receive your salary on time, the deadlines must be observed. 
The right to receive salary is invalidated for time sheets submitted more than 3 months after execution of the work.

Payroll calendar 2017

Tax deduction card 
The employer will obtain your tax deduction card electronically from the Tax Administration (this requires that we have received and registered your National ID number consisting of 11 digits). If you have table-based deductions and Manpower is your secondary employer (from who you expect the lowest payement), please notice us by sending a remark to lonninfo.mp@manpower.no.

We will then use the percentage rate on your tax deduction card. If you use a free card and have several employers you need to decide how much of the free amount each employer should use by dividing the total amount between them.

ManpowerGroup uses electronic payslips. Your payslip is available from the day of payment. Log in to https://timereg.manpower.no. In the menu to the left click on "payslip".

Reduced tax deduction on 8th of December
On the salary payment on 8th of December your tax deduction will be reduced as follows:
Invoice basis for the period from 16 to 30 November. (half month) is paid without tax deduction.
Invoice basis for the period from 01 to 30 November. (full month) is paid with half tax deduction.

Reduced tax deduction is only made for the salary payment on 8th of December. There are no opportunities for adjustment/exemption from tax on subsequent wage payments. This entails that if the invoice basis is submitted too late and therefore is not included in the 8th of December salary, it will be paid with full tax deduction on the 22nd of December. Notify us if you wish to deduct additional voluntary tax on this salary. Garnishment and other salary deductions will be deducted as usual.

Questions about tax cards?
Send an e-mail to skattekort@manpower.no

Certificates of Pay and Tax Deducted 
Certificates of Pay and Tax Deducted will be distributed in January for wages paid in 2016. It is the time of payment that determines the year for which wages are reported. This entails that wages earned in 2016 but which are paid in 2017, are included on the certificate of pay and tax deducted for 2016.

Holiday and holiday pay
Your right to holidays and determination of holidays follow from the provisions of the Holiday Act and the Working Environment Act. Under the Holiday Act everyone has the right to take out 21 days of holiday, which amounts to four weeks plus one day. Arrange your holiday period well in advance, both with the client and your consultant at Manpower. It is important that you notify us of when you wish to take your holiday.

The Holiday Act stipulates that you must be paid a minimum of 10.2% of the holiday pay basis, i.e. what you have been paid the previous year. Holiday pay earned the previous year is paid on 8th of June. If you will be going on holiday before this, notify us to have holiday pay paid corresponding to the length of the holiday. If you terminate your employment with us, you can demand final settlement with your final salary payment. For those over the age of 60, holiday pay for extra holiday will be paid together with salary on the 9th of September. Holiday pay that is paid in the earning year is taxable.

1) In an agreed contract period, you are subject to the same rules regarding holiday time, holiday pay, holidays and compensation on such days as the client would have applied if you had been employed (usually temporarily) with the client.

Questions about salary payment
Send an email to payroll@manpower.no or call 22 01 80 00.