Manpower gives you all the opportunities

We are Norway's largest staffing company and have more than 2000 customers throughout Norway in most industries. We have a job for you whether you are a student and need a part-time job, a recent graduate and want to test the labor market or you are looking for a new career path. Our clients need your competence, curiosity and ambition. If you work for us, you will gain useful experience, new skills and larger networks on the way to your dream job.

This makes it safe to work for Manpower

We take good care of you when you work for us, whether you work full-time or part-time, on short-term assignments or longer agreements.

What is a staffing agency?

Manpower is Norway's largest staffing agency. A staffing agency hires out employees to companies that need extra labor for a shorter or longer period. This means that employees who are hired out are employed by Manpower, but work for our clients.

Safe employment in Manpower

No matter which client you have, you will be employed by Manpower and receive salary, holiday pay and so on from us. It gives you security and predictability. You are guaranteed the same salary with us as you would have received if you had worked directly with the client. You get access to our employee portal; MyManpower. Here you get the information you need for your employment relationship and here you register your working hours.


Tips when applying for a job

There is a lot to consider and a lot at stake on the day you apply for a job. How do you best prepare? Here we have gathered some basic advice that can be helpful. Further down the page you will see links to relevant articles.


  1.  It is always useful to read job advertisements. They can make you aware of what qualities and skills the companies are looking for - and which you can develop to make you qualified
  2. It is always useful to have a network, because not all jobs are advertised. Friends, family, neighbors, and former colleageus can give you tips and recommendations. And it is precisely through temporary assignments in Manpower that you can get a good network. 
  3. Get in direct contact with the companies you are motivated to work for. Such initiatives are most often perceived positively. That way, you can get to know your company's need now and in the future. 
  4. Be aware of the choice of jobs you are applying for. Not everyone is meant for you. It is then better to spend time in temporary positions that give you valuable work experience. 

Courses and career development

We know that personal growth and professional development make you the best candidate. Therefore, we make it easy for you to develop your competence through courses and guidance. When you work for us, you get access to our e-learning portal PowerYOU with several thousand courses. This is how we equip you on your way to your dream job. The more you can, the more interesting you are to our clients.

Achieve your career goals with MyPath®

MyPath® is an offer we give to employees that we see has potential. It is a program that focuses on how you can achieve your career goals. While you are out on a job assignment, you have regular meetings with your own career coach. We focus on your talent and how you can develop it through relevant work experience and new skills.

Read more about MyPath.

Education and job with Manpower Academy

Through Manpower Academy, you get paid while taking an education. In parallel with working for Manpower, you can take courses, certifications, or an education in the fields of upbringing, logistics, transport as well as sales and service. Our courses are useful on the way to a trade certificate, and we have offers through Kristiania University College. In addition you will have your own career coach who gives you the guidance you need. The programs have different durations, and you are employed by Manpower throughout the educational process.

Read more about Manpower Academy.

You will find us throughout Norway

We have offices from Kristiansand in the south to Tromsø in the north. Our advisers know the local labor market well and can help you with the job you are looking for and which best suits your everyday life. Click here for your nearest Manpower office. We are ready to help you!

Manpower has the certification "Revised Employer"

Manpower has passed all the requirements in NHO Service's certification «Revised employer». “Revised Employer” is a voluntary audit for key parts of the employer's responsibility and is a seal of quality for staffing companies. The certification documents the staffing company's tidiness as an employer, at the same time as it contributes to continuous work with quality.


Manpower gave us the opportunity

Every day we have 5,000 employees working for our clients. Here is the story of some of them. Get inspired to take the next step.

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