Manpower is based on the idea that a meaningful and sustainable working life makes the world a better place.


Work gives meaning to life

Every year we help 16,000 people to interesting, relevant and rewarding jobs. More than 50 years of experience from the Norwegian labor market has taught us that people need a workplace where they can learn, grow and have the opportunity to decide over their own lives. That is our mission every day. That's why we're so proud of the job we do.

Our contribution

"Ethics", "sustainability" and "social responsibility" are much more than words for us - the content of these words is what defines us as a company and the way we run our business.

The world's most ethical company

ManpowerGroup has been named one of the world's most ethical companies for 12 years in a row by the Ethisphere Institute. It is a recognition of the work done in the organization on ethics and compliance, organizational culture, governance, social responsibility, and management / reputation. Manpower is part of ManpowerGroup.

Our three sustainability pillars

We have chosen to focus our sustainability work on three areas that contribute to a sustainable labor market and positive societal development. In these three areas, we contribute both through daily chores and activities, and through our community involvement.

1. Ready for work
We give many young people their first job opportunity. We help young people get to work quickly after completing their education, and we can offer education in the required skills and professions through our Academy solutions. By working in ManpowerGroup, young people can show themselves in the labor market.

2. Update of competence
We help people build skills for modern working life so that they can stay busy and relevant throughout working life. In today's rapidly changing working life, constant learning is crucial for being attractive in the labor market. Our employees always have the opportunity to develop their skills and quickly gain experience from various tasks. We offer all our employees’ access to the group's competence portal, powerYOU. powerYOU gives employees access to over 10,000 e-learning courses, books, videos and micro-learning.

3. Integration and inclusion
We work for equal and inclusive jobs. We believe that the key to integration is to have a job to go to. Our consultants and advisers provide job seekers with support, coaching and opportunities to start studies or find a new path in their careers.

UN sustainability goals

We want to make a difference in the areas where we have the greatest opportunity to contribute. We have therefore selected five of the UN's sustainability goals that we have extra focus on, and on which we report progression. They are:

4 Quality Education
5 Gender Equality
8 Decent Work and Economic Growth
10 Reduced Inequalites
13 Climate Action

Competence development and career

We live in the middle of a «Skills Revolution». Competence needs have never changed faster. Therefore, we place great emphasis on always being able to offer our employees the market's best competence development opportunities.

At Manpower Academy, we collaborate with the leading educational institutions and learning portals in Norway, and we set up tailor-made professional collections and trainings to ensure practical knowledge relevant to the job. In addition, dedicated coaches will ensure motivation and learning

We offer courses and training in many areas and levels:

  • Courses and certifications - for example truck driver course, safety course, insurance adviser, driver's license class C
  • Practical training and teaching / gatherings - for example in sales, customer service and production 
  • Studies with college or vocational college credits - for example in economics, sales, project management, production, health & upbringing

Unique collaboration with Toppfotball Kvinner

Manpower and Toppfotball Kvinner have a unique collaboration agreement that will help more football players to have a career at the same time as they get the opportunity for customized work and education. Through the collaboration agreement, all players in the top series and 1st division get access to a career agent in Manpower, who assists through the various phases of the career.

Challenges of combining work and studies and a football career in a hectic everyday life, leads to many women in Norwegian football quitting early. In a survey conducted by NISO in May 2019, over 80% of the players surveyed answered that they find it demanding to combine football with work and studies. Through our career program we will change this. 

Main partner with Young Entrepreneurship

Manpower is the main partner with Young Entrepreneurship, an organization that promotes innovation, learning and entrepreneurship for pupils and students in the Norwegian school. Norway needs more of that! Through the Young Entrepreneurship courses, participants learn to develop business ideas and how to create and run a company throughout an entire year.

Through this offer, the participants develop practical skills that our customers demand, for example in sales, accounting, marketing and human resource management.

Every year, Manpower awards the "HR Prize" during the Norwegian championship for youth and student companies. The award goes to the company that best shows how they have utilized the company's human resources to achieve the business goals they have set.

Manpower at the top of the sustainability ranking EcoVadis

At Manpower, we place great emphasis on running the business in a socially responsible and good way. In order not to be just empty words, we have been certified in this area by the independent organization EcoVadis. We are proud that in the survey for 2020 we were named among the very best in the industry in terms of social responsibility.

For the first time, we achieved a platinum level in the certification, which places us among the one percent best companies in the industry within corporate social responsibility. ManpowerGroup in Norway with the companies Manpower, Experis, Jefferson Wells and Right Management, has previously reached the gold level which places us among the five percent best companies.

The companies are assessed in four areas: environment, fair working conditions, ethical business practices and sustainable procurement.

Sølvi Spilde Monsen

Managing Director at Manpower

"Manpower is a major employer in Norway, which means a great responsibility. Therefore, we work systematically to take greater social responsibility, by creating opportunities and sustainable jobs. Meaningful and sustainable jobs change people's lives."