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We humans have different qualities and dreams, and it is not always easy to know which career path realizes your talent best. We show you the opportunities that exist and offer you all types of jobs, within many exciting subject areas.

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Where do you want to take your next step?

We have positions in most industries and we can give you many exciting career opportunities.

Banking, finance and insurance

We are a leader in Norway in recruitment to banking, finance, and insurance. Our clients are some of Norway's largest and most attractive companies, and we can offer a wide range of exciting positions. Many have started their careers in this industry through working with us.


These are some of the tasks you can work on with our customers:
Savings, funds, securities, financing, general banking services, customer center, payment services and information, debt collection, sale of life, non-life and savings insurance, establishment and change of policies, case processing within life and non-life insurance, assessment, compensation, and settlement etc.

Building and construction

Norway is experiencing strong growth in construction, which means that there is a great demand for skilled craftsmen. Positions within this subject area can be found at our subsidiaries Workshop Bemanning and Manpower Framnæs Installasjon AS.


These are the positions we need:
We are looking for skilled carpenters, iron binders, masons, concrete / foundation workers, plumbers, formwork carpenters, machine / crane operators, electricians, scaffolding builders. We are also looking for unskilled auxiliary workers, handymen and building cleaners.


Manpower Health is a supplier to the hospitals in Norway and has great demand from several municipalities. Through us, you get flexible job opportunities and orderly working conditions, in both the private and public sector, whether you are a recent graduate or have extensive experience in health work.


Varied assignments
We have varied assignments for you who are educated in health, for example as a health professional, nurse, specialist nurse, physiotherapist, social worker, or bioengineer. We can also offer exciting assignments in mercantile health as a health secretary, dental secretary, and customer consultant in health insurance.


When you work for us, you will be well taken care of
We ensure accommodation and that travel to / from work is arranged in advance. We will also make sure that you are well prepared in the meeting with a new workplace and new colleagues.

Hotel, restaurant and canteen

Manpower has many exciting clients in hotels, restaurants, and canteens. Through Manpower, you can have the opportunity for a flexible everyday life in an industry with pulse, mood, and outgoing colleagues. We have several varied assignments, of both shorter and longer duration. In this industry, there are also many jobs where you have the opportunity to work part time.


These are examples of positions you can apply for through us:
Foremen, waiters, restaurant staff, reception staff, service staff, conference hosts, chefs, canteen managers / assistants. Senior positions: hotel manager, sous manager, restaurant manager, kitchen manager, fresh food manager, reception manager and house economist.


We need you who know IT, regardless of whether you have just started working or have long experience and want to try something new. We can offer you jobs among several clients, ranging from small, local companies to large global groups that are leaders in technology.


With us, you can get jobs in service desk, help desk and user support in addition to technical IT support.

Office and administration

Office and administration are important in any business, both public and private, and are a broad and exciting field. Those who work with office and administration work are often the very nerve in a business. To succeed in this field, you should be structured and efficient and can have several balls in the air at the same time. We have many exciting positions to offer you at some of Norway's largest and most attractive companies.


You can work with this:
Switchboard / reception, secretaries with special areas; law, personnel, project, sales, marketing, language etc., web design / graphic assignments, document control, customer service / order receipt, registration, translation. Senior positions: head of administration, project manager and HR and human resources manager.

Customer service

Manpower is one of Norway's leading players in staffing and recruitment to customer centers in Norway. Our customers are among Norway's leaders in their industry, which gives our employees many exciting opportunities in customer service and sales.


If you work with customer service, you are the company's face and often the first customer you meet on the phone. It is a job where it is important to be present in the moment and where you get many pleasant meetings with people throughout the day. We have many clients who need your voice and your service attitude.


We have positions within:
Customer service / call center, customer advice, incoming and outgoing sales, additional sales, 1st line support.

Logistics, warehouse and transport

Logistics, warehouse, and transport are a subject area in an exciting development. We work with some of Norway's largest players in the industry, with large automated and data-driven processes, and you who can imagine a career in this industry have many opportunities. We will find the right job for you. In this industry, we can give you flexibility with both shorter and longer assignments - and within different job levels.


These are the positions we need good people for:
Process operator, warehouse employee, truck driver, goods reception, logistics employee, logistics manager, driver, caretaker, freight forwarder, charterer, import and export employee, customs officer, transport coordinator and order processor.

Media and marketing

Media and marketing are industries that many are fascinated by. No wonder, the work tasks vary, no everyday life is the same as the next and you work with creative issues in a living environment. We have many clients who need your services in media, marketing, and communication.


With us you can work as:
Communication consultant, information officer, information manager, journalist, marketing coordinator, marketing consultant, marketing assistant, communications manager, event employee, SEM Specialist, brand manager, media consultant and market analyst.

Upbringing and education

Do you want to make children's days in kindergarten, school, and after-school care memorable and valuable? Then you should contact us at Manpower. We have many clients within kindergarten, school and SFO who need your smile, commitment, and pedagogical skills. We have many opportunities for you, regardless of whether you lack a formal education, come straight from school, or have a few years of experience and want new challenges.


With us you can work as:
Educational leader, preschool teacher, assistant, SFO / AKS personnel, general teacher, kindergarten teacher and environmental worker.

Sales and service

Sales and service are primarily about creating good customer experiences. About the ability to get in touch and create good relationships. It is a talent our clients and we know to appreciate. We can offer you many and varied work assignments in a number of industries. A job in sales and service provides a good gateway to the labor market, and valuable experiences to take with you further in working life.


With us you can work as:
Store manager / store manager, sales managers, store employees, service and sales employees and sales consultants.

Finance, accounting and payroll

Do you have a head for numbers and at the same time manage to keep it cool? We have many clients who need your talent, everything from simple registration to more demanding tasks in finance and accounting. Within this subject area, there are good opportunities for development and career, whether you come straight from studies or have a few years of experience.


With us you can work with:
Accounting: VAT, investment fee, accounting / reconciliation, document registration, order registration / processing, invoice routines and interest burden / reminder / debt collection. Salary: Salary calculation / registration, advance / travel settlement, sickness benefit / holiday pay, tax deduction / employer's contribution, salary statements / annual settlement.

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