To achieve business goals it is important to have a workforce that is tailored to your challenges and needs. Our staffing solutions give you the flexibility you need. With the right person at the right time you have greater chances of success. Now and in the future.

Marianne Manpower

We have the expertise you need

The need for labor can vary. You may experience sick leave, leave of absence or working on a major project or another situation where staffing is critical. We have competent employees with the skills needed in your industry. They have all been through thorough interviews, been carefully assessed and had their references checked. And with our quality guarantee you can be sure that we solve the challenge for you.

We offer efficient and good solutions for temporary staffing

We solve your staffing needs in a professional way throughout the agreement period. It gives you the predictability you need.

Manpower's quality guarantee

It will often be an uncertainty to bring in a new employee when things get tough. Does the person have the right competence? Does he or she fit into the work culture? Is it a stable workforce? With our quality guarantee, you can be safe.


The right person
We guarantee that you get an employee with the necessary professional qualification and the right personal qualities. Should you still be dissatisfied with our candidate, we will waive payment for one day, but no longer than the assignment has lasted. In addition, we will deliver a new, qualified employee the next day and for the rest of the agreed period. We cover training of new employees with up to one day.


Agreed time
We guarantee that your new employee arrives at the agreed time and at the agreed place. If this does not happen, you as a client will be offered a free employee corresponding to the delay - limited to one day.


The whole period
We guarantee that you have an employee with the necessary professional and personal qualifications available throughout the agreed period. In the event of illness or other interruptions that have not been agreed, we will ensure that you have a qualified compensation already the next day. If we fail, you will be offered a free employee corresponding to the delay - limited to one day.


Proper wage and working conditions
Manpower guarantees compliance with the rules of equal treatment. It gives the employee the same pay and working conditions he / she would have had if he / she was employed by you.

Our recruitment process is thorough and ISO certified

We know where to find employees with the skills you need. There is a lot of work behind each candidate we present, both through job analysis, interviews, tests and reference interviews. Our processes are ISO-certified and therefore increase the accuracy so that we find the right employee for you.


Job analysis
Together with you, we develop a requirements specification. What is your real need? We get to know the work tasks of your new employee and which tools to master. Are there special personal qualities you are looking for? With a good requirements specification, we can filter the candidates towards your requirements so that you get the right person at work.


Through thorough interviews, we clarify the candidates' experience, education, ambitions and personal qualities. We go in depth to be able to be left with the best talents.


Our tests are ISO-certified by DNV GL and among the best on the market. Through them we can map the candidates' skills, knowledge, abilities and personality.


We always obtain references from previous employers or other relevant persons.

Certified recruitment advisors

At Manpower, you get a dedicated advisor with good insight into the labor market both locally and nationally. We have the country's largest environment of DNV GL-certified recruiters who use ISO-certified methods.

We take employer responsibility

Even if the temporary employee works for you, we at Manpower are the responsible employer and pay salaries, holiday pay and so on. As a client, you therefore have less to think about and the temporary employee experiences security and predictability.


Manpower is a revised employer

Manpower has passed all the requirements in NHO Service's certification scheme «Revised employer». Audited Employer is a voluntary audit scheme for key parts of the employer's responsibility and is a seal of quality for staffing companies. The scheme documents the staffing company's tidiness as an employer, at the same time as it contributes to continuous work with quality.

You can read more about the Revised Employer scheme here.

Manpower is the industry specialist

We at Manpower follow the labor market closely and have specialist knowledge in most industries and disciplines. We have extensiv knowledge in banking, finance and insurance, accounting, office and administration, health and upbringing, logistics and transport as well as production. We quickly understand your business model and are able to find the right people who enable you to maintain progress in your everyday work.

Manpower knows the labor market

Manpower is Norway's largest staffing agency and has offices from Kristiansand in the south to Tromsø in the north. Every day we have 5,000 employees on assignment for our clients. We continuously monitor the labor market to capture new trends both locally and globally. As part of ManpowerGroup, we have access to market insights and surveys that make us experts in the labor market. Among other things, we carry out ManpowerGroup's labor market barometer every quarter, where we ask Norwegian employers if they expect increased, reduced or unchanged staffing. In addition, a number of global surveys are conducted every year, so that we can at all times offer solutions based on new trends and needs in the market. Due to this, we can offer our customers the best staffing solutions, whether it is temporary employment or recruitment to a permanent position.

What can we help you with?

Let's talk about your needs and challenges. We have proven processes that ensure that you get the right person with the right skills when you need it.

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