Frequently asked questions

Here you will find our most common questions and answers.

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Frequently asked questions and answers for job seekers

Here you will find useful information for you who are applying for one of our vacancies or want to register a profile.

I am a job seeker, how can I apply for a job at Manpower?

To be a candidate, you must first register on our website. Here you create a profile, enter contact information, and upload an updated CV. Once you have completed the registration, the next step is to apply for current positions on our website.

If you have questions about a specific position, we recommend that you contact the specified contact person for the position.

I submitted an application, but forgot to attach the application letter.

You can send this to [email protected]. Enter the position ID of the position you applied for and we will add it manually.


My profile shows below 100% completed, what am I missing?

The percentage is just an indicator of what you have finished on the profile. If you have uploaded your CV and filled in the info, then everything is ok and you can proceed to job searching.

Can I book an appointment for career guidance?

Unfortunately, we don't offer career guidance at this time, but you will find many good tips and advice for CV, application and job search here. *In Norwegian only.

I have applied for a position, what happens now?

You will receive confirmation by email as soon as you have applied and can follow the status of all your applications inside your profile. You will be contacted if you are relevant for the position.

I want to delete my profile.

For privacy-related inquiries and questions, please complete the following form. Our privacy team will respond to you as soon as possible.

I have a profile, but do not have access.

Some time ago we got new websites, so you need to reactivate your account. Click on "Register" - enter the same email and fill in info - the profile will then be activated and you can log in.

I want to change my email address.

Send an email with the new and old email addresses to [email protected].

I withdrew the application by mistake - how can I apply again?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to apply twice for the same position. Send an email with CV and application letter to [email protected]. Enter the position ID of the position you applied for and we will add it manually.

My zip code will not be authenticated.

We use Google's application, and it is not updated on all postcodes. Enter a postcode nearby instead. When your CV is uploaded and you have entered a postcode in your CV, the correct postcode will appear on the profile.