We develop the competence you demand

We develop our employees through tailor-made educational courses and practical work experience adapted to each individual industry. This is how we ensure that you have access to the expertise you need at all times.


Development through practical work experience, courses and education

More and more companies are struggling to find the right people. Continuous development is therefore important for employees and companies in today's working life. Our solution is to ensure that our employees receive continuous competence development through Manpower Academy, short practical tailor-made training courses. We also offer selected employees’ participation in MyPath, Manpower's career program. In addition, all our employees get access to the e-learning portal PowerYOU with more than thousand courses. This is how we ensure that you always have access to employees with the skills you need in your industry.

Our solutions for competence development

With access to competent employees you have a greater chance for success. Now and in the future.

Manpower Academy

Manpower Academy are short and practical educational courses where we combine working in a subject area with theory and career guidance. We collaborate with Kristiania University College and have educational courses in logistics, upbringing, transport and sales. We can quickly tailor similar practical educational courses in other disciplines. Along the way the participants receive coaching and follow-up so that they reach their development goals in the best possible way. In this way we ensure that there is available expertise that the business community demands at all times. Read more about Manpower Academy here.


MyPath® is an offer we give to employees that we see has potential. It is a program that focuses on how they can achieve their career goals. While on a job assignment, they have regular meetings with their own career coach. We focus on the individual talent and how they can develop it through relevant work experience and new skills. This is how we help our employees achieve their goals, and at the same time we ensure that our customers have access to competent labor at all times. Read more about MyPath here.


All Manpower employees have access to our e-learning portal PowerYOU with more that thousand courses. The courses cover a number of topics such as Word or Excel. You can also learn more about, for example communication and problem solving or immerse yourself in the most in-demand programming languages such as SQL, JAVA and C #. The portal also includes certification courses in project management, HR or data management to name a few. This is how we equip our employees and ensure that they have the skills you need.

What can we help you with?

Let's talk about your skills needs and challenges. Together we find good solutions to ensure that you get the right person with the right skills when you need it.

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