The recruitment process

A prerequisite for finding the right person is to have enough candidates to choose from. In Manpower's database there are 40,000 active job seekers at all times.

We have good methods for recruiting candidates for both temporary jobs, permanent jobs and project based assignments. Internationally certified solutions and extensive experience ensure that we always find the right person with the right skills. 

Manpower puts a lot of effort in the actual assessment of the candidates, whether for permanent or temporary employment. Our recruitment methodology is proven and thorough. The path forward passes through job analysis, interviewing, testing and reference calls. 

Job analysis
This is twofold. Customer surveying aims to obtain all relevant information from the client; What kind of business are we dealing with? Which tools are used? Which safety requirements apply, and what is the client's HSE policy? Assessing the assignment concerns becoming familiar with the tasks and which tools the candidate must master. Equally important is to gain insight into possible personal characteristics the client is looking for. 

The interview
We have a rigorous interview process where we inquire about work experience and education. In the interview we also clarify the candidate's expectations toward the job, his or her ambitions, and seek to identify personal characteristics.

The use of tests adds an objective dimension to the recruitment process. The tests identify our candidates' skills/knowledge, abilities and personality in relation to the requirements of the position we are tasked to fill. Manpower is one of Norway's biggest users of occupational psychology tests.

Reference Calls
We collect references from previous employers and/or other persons who may corroborate or refute the impression that emerges in the process.