Quality Guarantee

Manpower’s Quality Guarantee will ensure that we always fulfill our goal of finding the right person in the right place at the right time for the agreed period.

Manpower’s Quality Guarantee applies to temporary employees from Manpower AS, and does not include any other companies in ManpowerGroup.

Right person in the right place:

Manpower guarantees, through its selection system, to find staff with necessary professional qualifications and personal attributes to suit the client's working environment. If the client is dissatisfied with our choice, accured time shall not be billed limited to a maximum of one day – though no longer than the duration of the assignment.

Moreover, Manpower undertakes to provide another qualified employee for the following day and for the remaining of the agreed period. Training of a new employee will be undertaken by Manpower limited to a maximum of one day.

The client undertakes to notify Manpower as soon as he becomes aware of the employee’s lack of suitable qualifications and/or personal attributes and at the latest within 14 days.

Liability under the guarantee cannot be claimed if the employee’s tasks have been altered during the course of the period, unless this has been agreed with Manpower.

At the agreed time:

Manpower guarantees that the employee will attend at the agreed time and in the agreed place. Should Manpower fail in this respect, the client is entitled, at no extra cost, to an employee for the period of the delay – limited to a maximum of one day.

For the period agreed:

Manpower guarantees to provide the client with an employee who has the necessary professional and personal qualifications for the period agreed. In the event of sickness or any other interruptions not previously agreed, Manpower will arrange for a qualified replacement for the following day. Should Manpower fail in this respect, the client will be offered an employee free of charge according to the corresponding delay – limited to a maximum of one day.

 With the correct wages and working conditions:

Manpower guarantees compliance with equal treatment rules, and will pay any excess to the employee within three weeks after the error was discovered and pointed out in writing by the client