Tips and advice for job hunting

Set your own targets!

There are many issues to consider when finding a job. What would you like to work with? What should an application and CV look like, and how should you prepare for a job interview? Neither new nor experienced job seekers can avoid thorough preparation. Here is some information, hints and tips on the way to your next job!

Read job ads
This gives you an idea of which jobs are offered openly. Reading ads will also teach you a lot about which kinds of skills and abilities that are in demand. Companies rarely manage to employ people with of all these properties. You yourself must be aware of what you may lack, and consider whether you can grow into the position.

Build relations
Family, friends, acquaintances, former employers and many more, are important people when looking for a job. Most jobs are not advertised. Hiring is done through connections. Enquire with your own network, or try our network.

Contact the businesses
Many companies appreciate that you check directly with them. It demonstrates initiative and an interest in their business. However, this requires that you have a realistic view of what you can achieve, and what use the company may have for you. Feel free to use Manpower to sniff around.

Be picky, but flexible
Don't apply for jobs you won't be satisfied with. In this case it's better to focus on temporary jobs, for example through Manpower. It is nevertheless advantageous to take on a challenge through temporary jobs that you can benefit from later when you apply for your dream job. The experience can make you more attractive when "your" job appears.