Finance, Accounting and Payroll

Numerous opportunities in several segments

Within finance and accounting there is a need for employees who can perform all kinds of tasks, from simple registration to independent tasks in accounting, payroll and financial management.

We need financial and accounting expertise in: Annual accounts/transactions/tax returns, periodic closing, financial analysis/costing, project management/financial management, tax calculation/reporting, VAT, investment tax, accounting/reconciliation, document registration, order entry/processing, billing procedures, interest charge/reminder/collection

Salary calculation/registration, processing/advances/travel expenses, sick pay/holiday pay, tax deductions/employer contribution, pay statements/annual reports, remittance 

Consultants and expertise from Experis Finance
Manpower's sister company Experis offers highly qualified consultants with expertise. Experis can find the job for those with higher education and experience in functions such as:

Finance Director, Finance Manager, Payroll Manager, controller