Building and construction

Flexible staffing is our specialty. The construction industry has greater need for this than most other industries.

Workshop Bemanning
Manpower is strongly committed to building and construction, and commitment was strengthened by the acquisition of Workshop bemanning in the spring of 2013. Norway's largest staffing specialist in this sector. All of our assignments in Building and construction are provided by Workshop, click here to go to the link above to check out more of what we have to offer.

Manpower Framnæs Installasjon AS has 200 employees and is one of Norway's largest staffing companies in mechanical contracting services onshore and offshore. The company supplies specialists with expertise and experience in technical fields for the mechanical and petroleum industries onshore and offshore.

Manpower Framnæs Installation AS' business areas are:

• Hiring out of personnel onshore and offshore 
• Own contracts onshore and offshore 
• Production at own yard

We offer:

Skilled workers:
Carpenters, iron fixers, masons, concrete/foundation workers, plumbers, shuttering carpenters, machine/crane operators, electricians, scaffolders

Unskilled workers:
Labourers, assistants, building cleaners

Site Managers/Construction Managers, foremen, engineers, bosses, project managers